Locksmith With No Call Out Fee Edinburgh

locksmith with no call out fee Edinburghlocksmith with no call out fee Edinburgh: When your make the sometimes horrific realisation that you have a problem with your lock. You will want to hand the number of a locksmith you can trust to treat you right.

Reasons to require a locksmith

  • Failed UPVC door mechanism. These types of doors are now becoming the norm for new build houses. Unfortunately the working parts in these doors tend to wear out between 10-15 years. If the parts fail whilst the door is locked, it can leave the occupants locked in or locked out of the property.
  • Lost keys. Unfortunately most people lose their keys at some point or another. If they do not have spare keys, there is almost no other way in apart from using the services of a professional locksmith firm.
  • Closing the door whist leaving the keys inside. Most people that have a nightlatch type lock will have locked themselves out at one point. This type of lockout is one of the most simple jobs for a locksmith. Usually they will have the customer back in the property in a few seconds, with no damage to the lock.


What to look for in a locksmith company

A locksmith with no call out fee Edinburgh policy should definitely been the first consideration to bear in mind. some companies can charge over £100 call out fees. They also charge the prices of parts and labour on top of that fee too.

Before you know it, your small problem has just been compounded with a major bill.

At Budget locksmiths Edinburgh we do not change call out fees or add vat onto the final bill. Our mentality is to get to a job, and get it done whilst keeping the costs down.

However, just because we keep our prices down, it does not mean we need to sacrifice on professionalism. We will still use quality locking products too (if required).

In all our years of trading we have never had one bad review to our website, social media platforms, or any other online review platform. This is due to our ethics described in the above statements.

locksmith with no call out fee Edinburgh

To conclude, if you require a free quote or even some advice, just give us a call. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or if you feel more comfortable, drop us an email and we will usually respond straight away.


locksmith with no call out fee Edinburgh

Edinburgh Locksmith

Find A Cheap Emergency Edinburgh Locksmith

At time moment you discover your keys are lost or not working, its time to think of how to quickly get out of that situation. You will more than likely be needing the services of a professional locksmith firm who are not going to charge you an astronomical fee.

At Budget Edinburgh locksmith service we have built up a reputation of trust over the years with customers to not only deliver an excellent locksmith service at a cheap price.

If you are looking for a company to gain access to a private home, a commercial property, or even a mobile property such as a caravan we are definitely the company to call. We Provide a 24 hour locksmith Edinburgh service that can be relied upon to turn up at the exact time that was estimated on the phone.

Why choose our Affordable Edinburgh locksmith service

Affordable, responsive, and always professional, we strive to deliver an unrivalled service. We are friendly and always on the other end of the line to give a quote, or even some advice regarding your lock issues.

Our emergency Edinburgh locksmith service always look to open locks non destructively. If however a lock does need destroyed to gain access we stock a host of locks in the van designed to meet all budgets. in addition if a lock does need replace the customer only pays for the lock and a small fitting fee.

To find out more about our services and prices, get in contact with us today.

locksmith with no call out fee Edinburgh

Budget Locksmith Edinburgh – Our Ethos

Local Locksmith Edinburgh – and we mean it!

locksmith Edinburgh blog post 9/10/18

locksmith Edinburgh. too many adslocksmith Edinburgh. too many adsNowadays when you search for any services on the internet, you will be bombarded with hundreds of results. sometimes it can be hard to decide which company to choose.

The problem is, the majority of these companies who advertise as local, are actually national companies. These companies can charge vast amounts for the services they provide.

The work they do is no better than what you would receive from a local tradesman.

At Budget Locksmith Edinburgh, we are a genuinely local locksmith in Edinburgh, and we Charge genuinely local prices.

We can supply and fit locks for as little as £60, probably half the price you would pay a national company.

Locksmith Edinburgh – no hidden costs!

The reason we can keep our prices low, is because we operate under the vat threshold. This means we do not add 20% onto the final bill. This may not seem like much, but it can save the customer £20 for every £100 worth of work done.

We also do not charge any type of call out fees.

Many companies advertise this perk, however they will charge the customer, if they do not get any work from the visit.

At Budget locksmith Edinburgh we only charge for the work we do. If you want us to come out and give a free quote, that is not a problem.

If we have to return to the job at a future date because parts need ordered in, no charge will be added to the final bill either.

For every job, we tell the customer at the beginning what the price is, and under no circumstances will that price change!

Locksmith Edinburgh – customer care

At Budget locksmiths we believe in treating customers the way we would like to be treated.

We will take the time to explain to customers what needs done, and what doesn’t need done.

We have the patience to deal will all types of people, including the elderly and the disabled.